The book (The Rising at Roxbury Crossing) is dense with political and historical energy. The characters are salty, often slick and bitter. While there's gritty, sex-related blackmail and a bit of romance, Redfearn's descriptions of 1919 Boston are always lyrical.

Mopsy Strange Kennedy, The Improper Bostonian

Viewing both Boston policemen and Irish rebels as tragic heroes, Redfearn seeks historical accuracy (in The Rising at Roxbury Crossing).

The Boston Globe

Redfearn understands the dialogue, customs and mindset of police and of Irish history (in The Rising at Roxbury Crossing).

Travel & Culture Guide, Boston Irish Tourism

Set to the backdrop of the Boston Police Strike and the rise of Irish-American nationalism in 1919, this is a riveting account of how an underpaid and abused police force suffered while Bostonians—divided by class, ethnicity, and political ideology—struggled to deal with the exaggerated threat of socialism after World War I. Redfearn’s understanding of the historical period is impressive (in The Rising at Roxbury Crossing).

Damien Murray, Assistant Professor of History, Elms College, Chicopee, MA, author, Lighting the Cause of Humanity: Boston’s Irish and the Limits of Transnational Ethnic Nationalism, 1900-1916.

James Redfearn captures the smells, sounds, pace, and grit of 1919 Boston in a most powerful way, but most compelling of all are his people. Cops and bad guys, immigrants and anarchists, drunks and politicians, squeaky clean heroes and sleazy rogues—they all come alive in The Rising at Roxbury Crossing. Read this book if you love history, love Boston, or just simply love a rollicking good story.

Stephen Puleo, author, Dark Tide: The Great Molasses Flood of 1919.

I thoroughly enjoyed Jim’s novel about the much-studied Boston Police Strike of 1919 that propelled Calvin Coolidge to the White House. Jim’s fictional characters kept me turning the pages. The Rising at Roxbury Crossing is both a great lesson in history and a tribute to Irish immigrants who struggled for a better life.

Ron Guilmette, Lt. Colonel, Massachusetts State Police (Retired)

I just finished reading "The Rising at Roxbury Crossing." Fantastic read!
Great action with good historical perspective and great character development.
It had me from the start. When does the movie come out?

Mike Cunningham, U.S. Customs, Ret.

I received "The Rising at Roxbury Crossing" as a gift on Christmas and finished reading it in four evenings. This is a fantastic book! In fact, one of the best books that I have read in a long time. James Redfearn did a fantastic job in defining the tenor of society and politics in the early 1900's and he developed his characters and story line in such a fashion that I couldn’t put the book down. I enjoyed this book so much that I would love to see it developed into a film. I have encouraged family and friends to purchase this book because it’s one of those books that you keep so that you can go back to it for a re-read.

Tom OLoughlin, Chief Milford Police Department

Hi James, your book (The Rising at Roxbury Crossing) was fantastic, really well written and a real page turner, I have been recommending it to all my law inforcement buddies here in Ireland,as well as family and friends. Thank you for the enjoyment.

Damian Moloney | Cork, Ireland

I can’t believe how well Rising is written and what research must have been done for this riveting account.

Bob Friel, ret’d Secret Service